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Skills: 2d and 3d animation, illustration, game design.
Software: Max, Maya, Photoshop.

Work History

     Independent Contractor   2006 - 2021

 Friction Game Studios/Venumsypders:
Endless Runner *in progress* (iPhone, Android)
Friction (FPS Arcade)
 Senior 3d animator, modeler, texturer

Booker the Penguin, Smorgasbord, Alpha-Matic, Moon Marble,
Wordy, Monkey Blocks, Birdie's Adventure (Sifteo Game Cubes)
 2d artist, animator

 Nachobeard: Hookball (iPad)
 2d artist, animator

 WayForward Inc: SpongeBob - Fists of Fury, (Nintendo DS)         
 2d animator

 EdgeBee Inc: Fantasy game (Unannounced platforms)
 2d artist, animator

 ElasticCreative: EMC2 Event presentation (Vehicles Video)           
 3d animator

 Trivial Technology: Sci-fi game (Unannounced platforms)            
 3d artist, animator

 Cinematico: Marvel - Ultimate Alliance 2 (Xbox360, PS3, Wii)      
 3d animator

 Shaba Games: Spider-Man, Web of Shadows (Xbox360, PS3, Wii) 
 Senior 3d animator

 Nostromo Wireless: Horror Labs, & others (Phone apps)                 
 2d artist, animator

 Endgame Studios: Slidatron (Nintendo DS)                                      
 2d animator

 Inhance Digital: Boeing Training Systems (Vehicles Video)            
 3d animator

     Iron Realms Entertainment   2005 - 2006
 Earth Eternal (PC MMO)                              Lead artist & 3d animator

     Puppybomb Games   2002 - 2005
 PocketMechs (GBA)                                     Project lead, Lead 2d artist
 Spirits (PC Concept)                                   Artist, Designer

      Stormfront Studios   2001 - 2002
 LOTR: Two Towers (PS2, Xbox)           Senior 3D Animator

      Ronin Entertainment   1997 - 1999
 Legend of the Blademasters (PC)      Project lead, Lead 3D animator

      LucasArts Entertainment   1992 - 1997
 Mysteries of the Sith (PC)            Lead 3D animator, Modeler
 Jedi Knight (PC)                        Lead 3D animator, Modeler
 Herc's Adventures (PS1)          2D animator
 Mortimer (PC)                         2D animator
 V-paint and G-paint (PC)      Lead art-side designer for animation tools
 Dark Forces (PC)                   2D & 3D animator
 Full Throttle (PC)                      2D animator
 Metal Warriors (SNES)                 2D animator
 Rebel Assault (PC)                             2D animator
 Super Return of the Jedi (SNES)         2D animator
 Super Empire Strikes Back (SNES)       2D animator, tiles
 Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES)       2D animator
 Young Indy (PC)                                  2D animator

    Independent Contractor   1991 - 1992
 Sun Micro Systems                                                       2D interface artist
 Galoob: Game Genie                                                  2D interface artist
 Toys For Bob: Star Control II (PC and Genesis)    2D animator
 Hero Games: Champions (PC)                                2D animator